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Our Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons

Professional Driving Lessons

Discover the art of safe and confident driving with our comprehensive driving lessons.

 Refresher Course

Refresher Course

If you havent been behind the wheel of a vehicle in a while, the refresher course is perfect for you. We will get you back out on the road ‚Äčand refresh your memory so you will have the confidence you need, to get where you want to go.

Nervous Drivers

Nervous Drivers

Having anxiety about driving is common, but it shouldn't get in the way of your driver's license. We offer services to everyone who wants to learn and we're proud of the skills we have when it comes to boosting confidence, encouraging driving safety,

 8 Hour Driving Course

8 Hour Driving Course

Opt for the eight-hour course, our professional instructors will teach you everything you need to know behind the wheel of our company vehicle before escorting you to your drivers test. . Our eight hour course package is only $490.00

2 Hour Lesson
2 Hour Lesson

2 Hour Lesson

Get an affordable driving lesson with a professional instructor. We have the experience to get you on the road driving safely.

Custom Lessons

Custom Lessons

We understand that everyone is different and that every student has different needs. You'll feel safe and confident behind the wheel

6 hour Driving Lesson
6 hour Lesson

6 hour Lesson

Opt for the six-hour course, our professional instructors will teach you everything you need to know behind the wheel

 Exam Day

Exam Day

The day is finally here to get your license and drive out on the open road. Our exam day package is only $150.00

Driving Lessons

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Are you eager to hit the road with independence and confidence? Look no further! Our streamlined registration process makes obtaining your driving license easier and more convenient than ever before.

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3 Step To Get Driving License

you’ll be well-equipped to obtain your driving license and embark on a journey of safe and responsible driving.

Choose Driving Lessons

Begin your journey towards obtaining your driving license by selecting the right driving lessons.


Start Driving Lesson

Attend scheduled lessons with your instructor and learn essential driving skills such as starting, stopping, turning, parking, and navigating different road conditions.


Get Your License

After completing your driving lessons and gaining sufficient experience, you're ready to apply for your driving license.


Learn Safe And Get Your License Quick With Five Stars Driving School

Book your lesson now and embark on your driving journey with confidence.

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Unlock your driving potential with our flexible pricing plans. Get started today!”

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